Originally, Sungale Cloud is developed for supporting its Cloud Frame customers, gradually, it has been evolved into an independent multi-function cloud platform. It has three main functions, 1) Personal Album, 2) Cloud Storage, 3) Supporting Platform.

And all these three functions are available on App, Mobile Web and Computer end.

1. Personal Album

No matter you log in from App or Mobile Web or PC end, the most outstanding feature of the platform is the Personal Album. Sungale personal album is different from other photo apps that have focused editing functions, Sungale Personal Album has emphasized user’s feeling such as photo classification, smooth and intuitive operation, easy log-In/Out, convenient show up, private cloud storage and privacy. We believe that you will like it after a trial.

2. Cloud Storage

As you may know, unlike the mass cloud storage providers, the private cloud storage is always developed with special devices and/or apps, Sungale private cloud storage grows up with its unique products such as Digital Signage, Netchet, Kitchen Screen, Cloud Frames, our software has emphasized personal management of the hardware devices. For this reason, congenitally, our cloud platform has stronger privacy protection. With using Sungale Cloud, after you take photos with your mobile phone, you can select the satisfied photos to send to your cloud storage, and store them in different albums forever. At anytime, anywhere, you can use your mobile phone to see your favorite photos. For some devices, for example NC850 (Netchef), CPF1518 and CPF1903, even the cloud storage can be used to store and read your office documents, utilities bills… We provide 2GB Free cloud storage automatically, you can apply more if it is necessary.

3. Supporting Platform

This is the original positioning of Sungale Cloud. The amazing feature is that you can send your cloud albums to an independent photo frame that can be in another city or country. For example, you buy a cloud frame for your grandma who is living in another city thousands miles away, you can send your albums and photos to her, and you can tell your family members the cloud frame’s account number and password, then, they can send photos to your grandma too. Sungale has different Cloud Frames from 7” to 19” LED hi-resolution screen, recently we have upgraded the display effect, you always can find a frame that is suitable for you.

4. App, Mobile Web and Computer end, which one is better

Since Sungale Cloud has its App, Mobile Web, computer end, and with any of the portals you can manage your personal albums, photos, and your cloud frames, the customers may ask: why you have the different entrances? What are the differences? Which one is better?

For fast photo views and photo sending to your cloud storage, the App is the most convenient tool. The App is also used to register no-frame Common User and Guest User. If you want to view the details of the photos, for instance you want to see who, when, where about the photos, I would like to suggest you use Mobile Web. If you want to compile your photos and to pick up your old photos stored in your computer, the computer terminal is the best choice.

Sungale Cloud divided users into three types. The first one is No-frame Common User, any visitor can register to become a Common User with 2 GB free cloud storage to create and manager his/her personal cloud albums. The second type is Guest User, it needs a recommendation from a Cloud Frame’s owner, then, the Guest User can send photos to the frame plus the privilege of Common User. The third type is Cloud Frame users, they have 20 GB free cloud storage, they can manage the remote cloud frame, they can link to other frame, and plus above two type customers’ privileges.

If you want to go to website to see the details of the photos, please click here

5. Other features of Sungale Cloud

Community – Besides being a personal cloud album, cloud storage device and working as a platform for managing your Cloud Frame, another significant function of Sungale Cloud is the community.

You will find a lot of excellent photos in the community and especially in the Editor’s Pickup, we do not sell the photos, we just want to bring joyful sightseeing feeling to you. You can use the photos free unless it is used for business.

You are welcome to share your photos with other community members, we believe sharing photos can pass positive energy, and the positive energy makes our life better.

You are welcome to contribute your photos to build our cloud frame community.

(This Cloud Platform is powered by Sungale)